Satkirti Filters


Satkirti Filters has carved a niche in the market for Manufacturing and Supplying Filtration Equipment like Sintered Bronze Products, Compressed Air Filters, Process Filtration System and Pressure Vessels.

Quick Contact

S. No.78/1 Pandhari Industrial Estate Shade No. 4b Mauje, Shivne, Tal- Haveli, Pune, Maharashtra - 411023, India

Phone : +91-20-25292886

Test Facilities

  • ISO 4003 Maximum Pore Size Testing & ISO 4022 Fluid Permeability Testing Rigs for Sintered Porous Filters
  • Flow Vs. Delta P Test Rig for Hydraulic Filters
  • 100% Integrity Testing 100% Visual Inspection
  • Hydro Pressure Testing up to 500 bar
  • 100% Radiography Reports for Welding Joints in Pressure Vessels & Air Receivers
  • dB Meter Testing for Sound Pressure Level Testing for Acoustic Hoods & Steam Silencers
  • ELCO meter for Painting Thickness Measurement